Music Classes

Class Piano

Credit: .50Grade Placement: 9-12Prerequisite: None Course Description: Piano is open to all students interested in learning how to play the piano. No previous experience is necessary to sign up. Students will learn beginning piano techniques, basic fundamental hand positions, posture and music reading skills. ​

Computer Music

Credit: 1Grade Placement: 9-12Prerequisite: NoneCourse Description: This class will emphasize the basics of music sequencing, original compositions, arrangements, sound and video cl​ips.

Musical Theatre

Credit: 1.0 Grade Placement: 9, 10, 11, 12 Prerequisite: NoneThis course is an exploration of musical theatre from a “backstage” point of view. The student will gain a basic knowledge of the musical theatre genre itself; and will acquire production training in the areas of scenery design and building, painting, lighting and sound production and design, costumes, makeup, and general stage management. Students will gain hands-on experience by designing and building the set for the RCHS musical production performed during the spring. This class is available 2nd semester only.