Chorale is open to all students who have an interest in singing. No audition is necessary to enroll. The class focuses on the fundamentals of singing and performance. In addition to the music, chorale focuses on proper vocal technique, fundamental music theory, and basic sight-reading skills.

Concert Choir

Concert Choir is the top curricular choir. An auditioned ensemble, the class focuses on the learning and appreciation of sacred, secular and contemporary choral music. In addition to the music, students learn advanced music theory, vocal technique and sight-reading skills.

Choir Officers

Meghan Haley, president

Jaina Dubbert, Jamon Spikings, and Leah Tomano, representatives

Madrigal Singers

This advanced group of students performs music from the chamber music and madrigal genre. Our spring season features vocal jazz. Rehearsals take place before and after school and are scheduled in order to allow students to participate in other activities such as sports or instrumental ensembles.

2020-2021 Madrigal Singers

Emily Anderson

Maria Bragg

Aidan Cloninger

Sam Dennis

Alaina Ezell

Meghan Haley

Paige Holland

Kayla Lockhart

Tori Loomis

Annika Marchi

Darby O’Shea

Jamon Spikings

Leah Tomano

Jessen Valone

Ember Van Duyne

Tim Welker